Features of TransEdit Pro

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Main Windows

Main Window

Transponder List Editor

The main window provides a convenient way to create, edit and update transponder lists, that enable fast and accurate scanning.

They are stored as INI files and contain all frequencies that are used for broadcasting, including polarisation, symbolrate, bandwidth, modulation and other data. These lists are used on almost every dvb/atsc application under Microsoft Windows



TransEdit Pro allows to easily scan certain frequencies (transponders) or the whole frequency range for channels. It performs a high-speed search and displays the results in a detailed list, that can be sorted in different ways. Interesting findings can be selected and directly exported to the DVBViewer's channellist.

TransEdit Pro marks channels that are already present in the channellist so that you can see what's new. If a channel's characteristics turn out to have changed, you can update it with a few mouse clicks.


TS Analyzer

To ensure if your video and audio streams are conform to the industry standard the Analyzer provides a deep insight to the data.

It reads the Service Information Tables (SI) bit by bit and translates them into a tree structure, thus providing all available information about networks, transponders, services, bouquets and events.

Additionally it lists all streams that are present on a transponder, even those not intended for the public. For each stream the TS Analyzer displays the Packet Identifier (PID), the stream type and data rate, and allows to record an arbitrary selection as TS (Transport Stream) file. Furthermore the Analyzer allows to examine the content of TS and M2TS files, as if broadcasted live.

Additional Windows



A simple built-in viewer can be used to immediately play the channels, video- and audio streams that have been detected by the Scanner or TS Analyzer.

Besides MPEG-2 Elementary Streams and Dolby Digital (AC-3) the preview is also capable to render H.264/AVC Elementary Streams and AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) with ADTS syntax.



The Blind Scan Window enables specifying frequency and parameter ranges that TransEdit Pro shall examine „blindly“, without using the frequency and parameter presets (like symbolrate, modulation...) of a transponder list.

Stream Info

Stream Info

The Stream Information provides detailed information about the transmitted packetized elementary streams for MPEG-2, H.264, AAC and AC-3 contend.

Teletext/Subtitle Preview

Teletext/Subtitle Preview

Besides video and radio transmissions broadcasters transmit additional content like subtitles and teletext.

This content could also become analyzed and easily presented by Transedit Pro.

Settings Windows


General Settings

The General Tab contains options that apply to the Scanner and Analyzer.

You can enable the ability to drop defective tables, or force the analyzer to assume that each TS file is handled as ATSC instead of DVB.

Scanner 1

Scanner Settings 1

The first scanner settings tab containes several scanner related options, like parsing the Network Information Table.

This is required from time to time, in order to update transponder lists.

Scanner 2

Scanner Settings 2

The second scanner tab allows to adjust the maximum time that TransEdit Pro waits for data to arrive. The default values will be sufficient in most cases. However, there might be channels that are transmitting the data more slowly, or other conditions prevent TransEdit Pro from reading the tables in time.

In this case it may help to increase the timeout values. But have in mind that it may slow down scanning in general. On the other side you can try to improve the scan speed by lowering the timeout values.


Analyzer Settings

This tab provides options for the TS Analyzer and its recorder. You can change the folder where all generated files by the TS Analyzer are stored. Some broadcasted data (e.g. the Event Information Table) can contain a lot data which may let the TransEdit Pro Analyzer occupy several hundred MB of memory.

If this data is not required to become analyzed, you can disable it in this section.

Preview Settings

Preview Settings

The Preview Tab allows to select DirectShow components, that are used by the Preview function for TV/Radio playback.

A change takes effect when TransEdit Pro (re)starts playback after you have selected a channel for preview in the Scanner Window resp. a service or stream in the Analyzer Window.


Hardware Settings

TransEdit Pro can handle almost every DVB/ATSC/ISDB/IPTV hardware available on the market. All kind of device specific settings can be changed in this tab.

If a device can filter PIDs, you can enable this ability to receive transponders with a very high data rate exceeding the hardware's maximum transfer rate, thus causing loss of data.